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…we just love to take long road trips to see this beautiful country in which we are so lucky to live! That’s right, America! Each road trip has one or more specific destinations, like Yellowstone National Park. As we plan our route to get there, we find many, many other interesting parks, monuments, wildlife areas and scenic vistas along the way. The Two Old Buzzards travel on the back roads, avoiding interstate highways as much as is possible.


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If the Two Old Buzzards are currently on (or previewing) a road trip, there will be a magenta “Click here” link below to take you to the latest travelogue posts. If there is no link, the Two Old Buzzards are warm and cozy at their roost!

The closest point to Hawaii in the contiguous U.S.

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The Two Old Buzzards make two types of postings on this site. The first and foremost are postings from our Road Trips, both current and past. The second type of postings are general news, not specifically related to a particular Road Trip. When you visit the Road Trips & News page, all of our posts will show. At the top of the sidebar on the right, it says “Filter Posts By Category” with a dropdown box below that says “Select Category”. Using that dropdown box, you can filter the posts by clicking on the name of a road trip (Past or Current), or “News”. Then, only those posts will be shown. The four most recent posts are shown below. Have fun and explore!

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  • Better Than CamRanger?

Better Than CamRanger?

  • August 3rd, 2015 9:40:55 am

And for Less Than $40! What’s He Talking About?
I’m talking about a free, cross-platform application that runs on Android devices, iOS devices, PC’s, Mac’s as well as Linux machines. The application provides a way to connect those […]

  • Death Valley Road Trip – Day 1

Death Valley Road Trip – Day 1

  • February 14th, 2015 10:00:35 pm

[Morgan Hill to Tehachapi, CA] February 14, 2015 — Happy Valentines Day to One and All! The Two Old Buzzards and Fannie Mae pulled out of the garage in Ponty at 7:01 and headed […]

  • Tuesday Night Bingo Volunteer Party

Tuesday Night Bingo Volunteer Party

  • September 25th, 2014 7:43:41 pm

[Morgan Hill, CA] ~ A group of twenty-six folks, Tuesday Night Bingo volunteers, spouses and significant others gathered on the evening of September 24th at the Rubino residence for a volunteer “Thank You” dinner […]

  • Downtown Morgan Hill

Downtown Morgan Hill

[Morgan Hill, CA] ~ The Two Old Buzzards feel so lucky to live in a small community like Morgan Hill. There is a lot of history in our town (incorporated on November 10, 1906). […]